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Every once in awhile I like to post a little something on Craigslist to see what kind of replies I get from the people frequent the more racy sections of the site. Here’s an unedited response to one of my ad’s which shows how horrible men really are:


I will travel to SF or in Marin – it’s only 10 minutes – door to door – to downtown SF . My Pic – on your sincere Reply – won’t disappoint: I’m a Discrete SW MAN, not a Boy.

Clean-cut “Prepster” looks – depending on my attire: Face/Clothed pic I’ll send to you – on a sincere reply – is from a Work Bio, not a Sears Catalog, lol. I will wear my “Hipster” attire and looks on our date, as I look good in jeans and a tucked-out shirt too. Or nothing, lol. I am liberated and progressive. As far as “Sexual” goes, if we click and connect – not necessarily on 1st or 2nd meeting (there is the “3 date rule” after all), I have a great view of the Bay from my Balcony – and from a new Cali King Bed – which you can see on your back, side, all 4s, or on top. Afternoon or Evening Delites – I work from home office and hae a flex schedule. 40yo with a 25 libido (you WILL say “Wow, “David” (my pseudo), You DO play/make lust like a 25yo!!”), and 35 looks. Too naughty? SWM. 6&180. Brown & Green. Smart (is) Sexy. Safe, NOT Selfish: Foreplay Galore. Well-dressed, groomed, mannered, spoken, educated, well-endowed, lo..lust. To some people in the know, “You wanna play Backgammon?”, is known to be a Code for “Let’s have sex.”


M_____, aka “David” – my pseudonym
_____ and _____
Sausalito – a Bay View and a Cozy Flat

Well ladies, if you’re looking for a “Prepster,” which I think means guy who wears girls pants and doesn’t tuck in his shirt, send “David” an email.

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