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Religion can be traced back thousands of years to the dawn of civilization and has always been a large force driving trends in society. The interpretation of gods will effect not only the moral standards of a society but adversely can be corrupted to expand the controlling governments power and authority over the populace of nations. Whether its Christianity, Muslim, Buddhist, etc there are plenty of examples of how religion has been used to pacify the public as well as inspire them to do things that they know they ought not do. Religion today, especially Christianity has been so corrupted by government influence that it no longer represents the ideals that it was founded upon.

In modern day American almost all churches are run as nonprofit organizations also known as 501C3 organizations, which gives them a tax exempt status but as we all know, nothing comes without a price. Churches which are given this status become increasingly dependent on government because if that status was revoked, it would mean a huge loss in revenue but as long as the church remains under that status, they are not permitted to be involved in politics at all. Taxes are used as means of control and most churches are more than happy to be silent about current issues in exchange for money.

In the past few years, the involvement of government in church activities has taken a frightening new step, churches are now being used to quell decent in their local congregations. In 2007 the mainstream news finally had to admit what had been reported a year earlier in the alternative media; the federal government had indeed created “Clergy Response Teams” to help the government keep control of the population during national emergencies or if martial law is enacted. These teams, made up of local pastors, reinforce that we must serve the government that we have because it is the one that god has given us. The mantra that people accept whatever government does because it is god’s plan has been used more and more in everyday church activities. In effect, modern day religion is being used to pacify the public by either teaching them that they would be defying god’s will to question the government or just telling them to accept that we are now in the end times.

What is the government planning for? Some people say it’s for all out martial law and riots on the street which will come when the economy finally collapses, or a large pandemic; others say it’s just to nullify religions influence over government policy but either way it’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed. History has proven that when government does take control of religion that the results are disastrous, Hitler himself used the same passages in the bible that our government now preaching.

What can you do to prevent government control of religion? The answer to that question is simple, ask your religious figures questions, don’t join churches which are 501C3 organizations and even study your religion yourself. It should be obvious to people; don’t support congregations that are afraid to answer complex or political questions. Religion should be something that expands your outlook instead of hinder you from seeking knowledge.

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