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Put on the Glasses

Last week I went on a little vacation with some family who I don’t see as often as I’d like. Where we went on the little trip isn’t as important as the oldies and pop music that we listened to on the long drive. Personally, I can’t stand the newer music that constantly plays over those top 20 channels and see it as more of a dumbed down version of reality but I have to admit some of it is pretty catchy. As the days went by, so did the music but something was missing from my regular listening regiment; this wasn’t just a vacation from home, it was a vacation from politics. It was an amazing experience that once you turn off the television and news radio how pleasant the world becomes.

Spending time with family was always a painful and aggravating experience in my past. They always seem ask you all of those questions about work and offer pointless advice which you pretend to listen to. Seriously, how many people want to talk about work when they’re not there? I know I don’t. Luckily for me, this time was more like spending time with friends and away from the everyday world I’ve become so accustomed too.

The trip was kind of an experiment about how the world would look after I took one or two things (television and talk radio) out of my life. It didn’t take long before the voices of the talking heads faded from my mind and I began to enjoy and appreciate the inherent beauty of the world. Even though the things I did literally cost pennies, there were dozens of other families doing the exact same thing. The people, even though they didn’t know each other, got along and even took care of each other which is a far cry from what we’re lead to believe on the evening news.

Since this was just a vacation, only lasting for a week, until I walked into the door of my house and decided to face the news, Fox News that is. Bill O’Reilly was on defending his position he took supporting gun confiscations of law abiding citizens the night before. Thoroughly disgusted, I changed the channel to the next news channel on my favorites list, MSNBC, where Rachael Maddow was making some snarky comments about the CPAC conference. The night went on as I checked up on what happened in the world while I was away. It didn’t take long before was linked to a video clip of Glenn Beck flamboyantly comparing himself to Thomas Paine, since he was the only person spreading the truth. Sadly my vacation was abruptly over as soon as I turned on the television.

As I watched the most popular talking heads I couldn’t escape the feeling that my brain cells were slowly withering away. All of the news shows were completely inane, defied logic and common sense; surely no one could believe what they saw on them. Could people really be so out of touch with their own inherent sense of the world around them to take the evening news seriously? There wasn’t a single iota of intelligent debate, thought provoking content or artistic merit however there was plenty of false “outrage.”

I think it’s time for the people that read this to take a little vacation. Since everyone is having a hard time with money now days it doesn’t have to be a vacation from work or to some far off place; the vacation I’m talking about is away from television and talk radio. The best part about this vacation is that it’s completely free. Here’s how to do it: turn off the TV, stay offline unless it’s to find something relevant to what you’ll be doing that day and go outside. It really is as simple as getting up and talking to a neighbor, hiking or going to a park. Just make sure when you do go out that you do something that you normally wouldn’t do and see people who you normally wouldn’t see.

As we all know vacations can’t last forever so once your week is over with; turn on your TV, turn on your radio then watch and listen. It won’t take long before you see how pathetic the programming really is. Now I’m not telling you to stop following news and politics, what I’m telling you to do is to observe the world around you and then examine the sources of your information. If what you watch makes sense by all means keep watching but if it doesn’t find a new source of news. If you’re reading this, you have the internet and there’s no excuse not to find news that makes you think. Put on the glasses, what do you have to lose?

Twin Sitters

Twin Sitters

Directed by: John Paragon

Written by: John Paragon

Produced by: Yoram Pelman

Starring: Peter Paul, David Paul, Christian Cousins, Joseph Cousins, Rena Sofer

Run Time: 93 min

Some films, much like cheap beer, lose their luster over the years and become completely stale and bitter but on rare occasions some things get better with age. Fine wines for example can be aged for up to 50 years before their seal is cracked for only the wealthiest of people to enjoy. Twin Sitters, much like its expensive wine counterparts, has done nothing but ripen and age over the years leaving us with an artistic masterpiece. The Barbarian Brothers bring us a moving tale of environmental justice, family and love that we can all afford in Twin Sitters.

David and Peter Falcone, played by Peter Paul and David Paul, are two regular muscle bound guys with dreams of opening their own restaurant. Their dreams are harshly squashed by a lowly banker who refuses to give them a small business loan leaving them depressed while they pass their days at a local playground feeding the growing homeless population of Los Angeles’ as they struggle to make a future for themselves. Luckily it doesn’t take too long before their good deeds are recognized and the two brothers are hired to protect the children of a powerful EPA whistleblower after they heroically save him from a murderous gang of thugs.

Alright, so maybe this isn’t the best movie ever made but what exactly do you expect from a kids movie from the 80’s? Needless to say, the acting isn’t very good, the story is extremely simple and the writing is horrible but that’s all for the best. Twin Sitters comes from a time where kids movies were fun to watch and you didn’t have to worry about what’s politically correct. You can’t go wrong with steroid jokes, monster trucks, torturing kids with pasta and some of the worst outfits in the history of film.

I look for a lot of things when I watch movies but the most important part of any movie is that I enjoy watching it. If a movie expresses some heartfelt story that touches the watcher or if the movie reveals some of the deeper truths that we’re all looking to explore it’s safe to say that the movie is good. I would have loved this movie when I was a kid and I love it now. Twin Sitters isn’t a movie with a heartfelt story or one seeking the truth to one’s own existence; it’s about having fun and that makes it a masterpiece in my eyes. Now I know there are always those naysayers who wouldn’t enjoy this movie but since this is my movie site those naysayers can go screw and watch a movie like When in Rome to fulfill their sissy desires.