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My Missed Connection…(flagged on craigslist)

Homely woman on the bus – 30

I see you on the bus all the time. You remind me of a homely woman who should be baking pie or watching a hockey game. I’m not sure why, but I think I love you even though you’re much older than I am. When I see your chubby face it completely enrages me and I fantasize about what it would be like to come home from a hard day of work and to smack you. You just look so punchable and it fills me with that warm feeling that a man has for a woman after years of marriage. I think we’re meant to be, your face, my fist and of course those muffins that I know you make. It takes most relationships years to develop to the level that we’ve already achieved by just looking at each other and I can tell by how much I want to mush your cartoon like face that we are indeed soul mates. If you’re reading this, send me a message my love….