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McFletch Needs A Roommate

The Lone Wolf is looking for a roommate. This is the real ad he posted on craigslist…. be warned, it’s gets better the more you read it.

$700 Room NOW for rent in sweet condo with awesome couple

Come live with us (Fletch & Meesh) in our 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath condo in cozy San Marin in northern Novato, next to the Mt. Burdell preserve(trailhead 1 block away). We live in the Madera Marin townhouses next to San Marin Plaza(Harvest Market, Mary’s Pizza Shack, Subway, Starbucks, China Palace, Twister’s, etc.) and Kaiser Permanente, all of which are 1 block away. Also Meridian’ s Rolling Hills Club is only a few blocks away. Other Nearby places include a fire dept, San Marin high, San Ramon elementary, Miwok park, Stafford lake, horse stables, and a local church, etc.

The room is available now. The deposit is $1500 and rent is $700 plus your share of utilities(water every 2 months & pge every month). You get a nice room on the second floor. It has a dual sliding door full size closet, a freshly cleaned carpet, and a window with a screen and sweet view of some trees, bushes, buildings, and the street if you dig that. You get your own full bathroom with a bathtub/shower, sink, and yes, your very own toilet(oh yeah!). We also have storage cabinets outside your door for towels and whatever you don’t want in your room or under the bathroom sink. You also get a shelf in the pantry for food and kitchen stuff as well as cabinents for your dishes, cup, and pots and pans, and drawers for your silverware and cutlery. We currently have free basic cable and wireless internet. Our house is fully furnished, but you get to share our kitchen, dining room, livingroom with futon couchbed for occasional guests, 1/2 bath, deck with outdoor seating area(420 o.k. outside). We have a dishwasher, electric stove/oven, microwave, toaster, toaster oven, washer & dryer, heater, ironing board, etc. There are community tennis courts, and a small park, most important is the swimming pool which you can bring up to 4 guests at a time. There is a small parking lot(12 spaces) directly across the street that is first come first serve.

About us: we are both 29 and have been living together for a little over a year and a half, and together for just under that. We are into all kinds of music from punk to jazz and attend concerts/shows on a regular basis. We also both play musical instruments. We love movies and are addicted to netflix. We have different schedules and so we each have our own rooms. Fletch is up very late at night and usually sleeps late, where as Meesh works early and doesn’t stay up as late or have as strange of hours as Fletch(Your room would be next to Meesh’s). We love to travel and love the outdoors, though Fletch is more of a homebody and a videogaming computer tech music fiend, where as Meesh is into hiking, yoga, knitting and going to museums. We work at the Hopmonk in Sebastopol almost every Thursday night, for the “Juke Joint”, running Meesh’s vendor booth. We are both artists and are way into photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, etc. We also like to party and have a good time and listen to lound music. Hopefully you are like minded or open minded or both. We’ve also been to one to many Burningmans, I think it’s finally over after last years hydroponics advertisment flying over head on the last day. I hear they are adding a McDonald’s this year and they are giving out cyanide shakes, mmmm.

About you: your not a slob, you don’t smell, you like a clean house and don’t smoke weed inside(Meesh is allergic, plus stale weed stench sucks), you don’t leave your dirty dishes in the sink, your not a drug dealer, you don’t take or use other people’s stuff without asking, your a friendly pleasant person to be around and you like to have a good time, you have a greencard, you can pay your bills ontime without having to be asked, you don’t preach about your beliefs, you are an understanding civil intelligent down to earth being with your mind and heart in the right place, and you can take a joke and don’t get too easily offended(Fletch is politically incorrect and him and all his friends have sick and twisted senses of humor), you don’t take yourself too seriously, your not wanted in any state or country, you have common sense, hah, etc.

Alright, it’s almost 3 a.m. and I’m going to Vegas for a bachelor party in 3 hours, so I’m going to bed. If your still reading this I assume your still interested in checking the place out and meeting us, so email us and with any questions or leave a phone number for us to call you and set up a visit.

Peace Out,

Fletch & Meesh

P.S. If your still reading this even though you aren’t interested in moving in, get a life!!! Mwa Ha Ha!