Insane Rednecks or Prophets

After the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 the mainstream media decided that they would take on the militia movement. The news and government agencies spent countless hours demonizing people who were in militias stating that they were domestic terrorists in an all out propaganda war against the small groups. It didn’t matter that the government’s official story about what exactly happened on April 19th, 1995 was false, even though the original news casts showed evidence that contradicted the official story that there was only 1 truck bomb used in the attack. While I don’t intend to defend the entire militia movement, since there are indeed people and groups who do fit the stereotype of what they are, but what I will like argue is that some of those groups predicted exactly what would be happening in the world today.

When people think about militias in the modern world they like to picture a bunch of fat white men, spewing racist propaganda while they run around in the woods with guns but this viewpoint is extremely flawed. It’s become common knowledge that most of the violent militia groups, animal rights and racist organizations are directly influenced if not run by law enforcement agencies whose job it is destroy legit arguments that these groups may have. In fact the true militias, who aren’t reported on in the news, value education about current political issues, are well spoken and understand that while training to use weapons; violence is a last resort against a tyrannical government.

Considered conspiracy theorists throughout the years, militias predicted years ago that we would be drawn into a one world government, individual rights would be stripped away and the federal government would control every aspect of a person’s life through extensive regulations. Today, as they predicted, the mainstream news is reporting exactly what was once considered a conspiracy theory. The world economy has collapsed by design, the dollar is virtually dead and will no longer be the world currency, behind the scenes a worldwide bank which will control all of the currency in the world is being created; not to mention the massive police state that is slowly building itself up around the country.

The message that the government is out of control is so obvious and widely received by all age groups that earlier this year the government released the “MIAC Strategic Report.” The MIAC Report states that militia members, people who question the federal reserve, people against NAFTA, supporters of political candidates and people who are against global treaties are terrorists. Basically the government is saying that if you dare to question their authority, you’re a criminal.

Were the militias right when they warned America of a one world government and an overbearing police state? Personally I think they were and even if you’re skeptical or don’t agree with my opinion take the time to read your local news or if you’re really lazy, just look up at a busy intersection and see if there are cameras all over your city.

I’m leaving you with a video from 1994 from the Phil Donahue show where he had Militia members on in order to demonize their movement. I’ll leave it to you to judge if they were right.

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