Where Labels Are Sin: The New Yellow Stars

“The fact that anti-Semitic attitudes have reached their lowest point to date is good news, the product of many years of constant and intense efforts by ADL and others to make America a more accepting society. At the same time there continues to be violence targeting Jews and an increasing use of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. We can’t dismiss … that there are still over 30 million Americans that hold anti-Semitic views.” —Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, discussing the findings of a new survey of anti-Semitic attitudes, October 29, 2009

There has been a lot of talk in the media about racism and anti-Semitism in the past few months after President Obama was elected. It’s hard to escape, almost every mainstream media outlet has become a champion of the tolerance bandwagon to the point where racism and intolerance have become the sole reasons why people are questioning the actions taken by the government. There’s nothing new about the media trying to find scapegoats to demonize critics of government actions; take the talking heads under President Bush for example who claimed that not supporting broad expansion of government powers supports terrorism. Groups like the Anti Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center have the role of propagating disinformation and labeling political opponents of the status quo with a yellow star of racism while ignoring real racism when it is politically incorrect to do so.

In our newly enlightened society, its abhorrent that a man who said “I admired Hitler,” vacations with Nazi war criminals, wears Nazi symbols during photo shoots and whose father was a Nazi would completely escape the gaze of the ADL and SPLC but that’s exactly what happened in 2003 when Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected to be the governor of California. While some of the alternative media dug into Schwarzenegger’s past, the groups who the nation looks leadership on issues of racism and discrimination turned a blind eye and to this day continue to completely avoid the issue.

In 2008 the radical white nationalist Hal Turner, who advocated lone wolf attacks, was arrested for telling his listeners to “take up arms” against federal judges on his radio show. His arrest was seen as a victory for policy of tolerance in our enlightened society but in reality, it did little to combat racism. Since his arrest it has come out that Hal Turner was working for the FBI in an effort to flush out radicals who may use violence and terrorism to achieve their goals. The involvement of the federal government to train and promote leaders in the radical segments of the population can’t be ignored. Why has the ADL and SPLC stayed quiet on the government support of racist propaganda? The answer’s simple: without racism in the news, real or propaganda, these organizations wouldn’t seem legit and their power base would cease to exist.

Even while these institutes ignore the real issues that they have sworn to fight, they have been busy attacking radical right wing fringe groups. On November 16th the ADL released an article detailing who the radical groups are and what they believe. The groups are using the overwhelming anger at government policies to lure people towards racist ideals.

One of the first racist movements on the list is the pro-gun movement who fear that the government will move “to confiscate firearms from American citizens.” It’s surely insane to believe that the government would want to disarm the American public through legislation and international treaties. It doesn’t matter that Obama is working on a treaty with Mexico to prevent gun trafficking which will affect how firearms are sold here; nor does it matter his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel giving speeches stating that if you’re on the massive terrorist watch list your right to own guns shouldn’t exist. In fact, if one really wants to dig into the issue, the NRA supported a bill under the Bush administration stating that people who have had some form of mental problem will not be able to own firearms.

Another group or racists were those people confronting their representatives at town hall meetings which had “some individuals angrily launching verbal attacks against the president and other office holders.” While it is true that some protesters held signs comparing the new health care system that is being proposed to Nazi Germany, to label the protesters who don’t want the controversial health care system as racists and anti-Semites is an extremely uneducated argument designed to stifle a legit debate. The idea that it is wrong to confront your elected representatives about policies that you don’t agree with is asinine in itself.

The next group they have warned the world about are the “Government Resisters” naming specifically the Oath Keepers, and the Three Percenters. The Oath Keepers according to their website is a “is a non-partisan association of currently serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. Our Oath is to the Constitution.” The charter of the group states that member have sworn not to confiscate guns, will not participate in warrantless searches, will not support enacting martial laws or removing states sovereignty. The Three Percenters are a non-violent group which believes in the right to keep and bear arms, supports the Constitution and individual liberties. Well all know that the concepts that these groups are based on are extremely dangerous and anti-American.

If you went to one of those Tea Parties, you too are a racist. Once again, questioning official government policy is wrong and god help you if you’re down right angry about it.

The last ones on the list are media figures like Glenn Beck, keep in mind that Glenn Beck is only a form of controlled opposition to pacify a conservative audience. The ADL has no problem promoting Beck since his coverage of the more controversial issues has been the same propaganda that the mainstream news has been promoting for years, however if someone doesn’t follow the mainstream line, these groups work quietly behind the scenes to remove people who expose unpopular issues. Lou Dobbs for instance, has been in the crosshairs of the SPLC and ADL for quite awhile because of his coverage of the North American Union and illegal immigration debate. A week or two ago Dobbs resigned from CNN without warning, under suspicious circumstances but what we do know is that these groups are admitting to pressuring CNN to remove him from the air.

I’ve learned something throughout the years of watching do-gooders who claim to have societies best interest in mind; that they’re always full of, well you know. These groups are more about an image of what they’re supposed to be than actually standing up for what they claim to believe. Let’s all make a commitment together, a commitment that we won’t be afraid of being labeled a racist and we’ll step up to the plate and have a real debate about issues. An intelligent and logical debate is the only way that opinions can be changed and to deprive people of that only short changes the integrity of society.

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