Astroturf Wars

“I don’t use a teleprompter. I just use notes written on my hand.” I like to picture the new darling of the co-opted Tea Party movement Sarah Palin saying. It isn’t a big secret that Republicans and Neo-Conservatives have been trying to take over the Tea Party movement for quite some time and to channel the distrust of our current government into getting them elected. While the Tea Party movement was created without leaders, that hasn’t stopped people like Palin from clamming they identical values. What was once a grassroots movement has quickly become the famous Astroturf that Nancy Pelosi has grown to know and love.

In order to combat the racist, gun toting, anti-government Tea Party a former Obama campaigner has created a Coffee Party. The Coffee Party movement states that government is a reflection of the people it represents and therefore isn’t in itself evil. It all sounds logical; after all if people don’t cooperate no progress can be made. The Coffee Party claims that it will hold people accountable who obstruct their idea of positive change(I wonder what they think of Obama reauthorizing parts of the Patriot Act). The whole Coffee Party mantra is similar to a video I once saw where a preacher explains that we must follow the government since it is the government god gave us( the Romans 13 speech).

One can’t help wonder if any legit group stands a chance in the modern political world. All of the rage and passion that grass root organizations have are quickly bottled once they reach a certain popularity by new leaders who pervert the message into a dumbed down, fit for the extremist ideology that permeates our political spectrum. These groups all start with regular people organizing so they have the feel of legitimacy but as they grow, the beliefs that they were founded upon fall to the wayside as so called leaders begin to appear.

The truth is that there is no real mainstream group that actually represents the wishes of the people they claim to represent. The Tea and Coffee party refuse stand up to those big corporate interests which have become hopelessly entangled in the political system. For example, the so called leaders of the Tea Party shamelessly supported the pro-Nafta highway, force vaccination supporting globalist Rick Perry in his reelection for Governor of Texas. If our patriot leaders rush to openly support a trader to their own cause what’s to stop them from misleading us on other issues? Keep in mind that the Coffee Party was created as a direct resistance to the Tea Party by one of President Obama’s campaigners so the thought that this group is anything other than politically controlled is laughable.

Now days it seems as if political groups are only in the spotlight for a mere second until they outlive their political usefulness then disappear into the static of our daily lives. Remember during the last election how involved the grass root organizations were with the election? That enthusiasm for politics and change has sadly disappeared after the election of President Obama. Maybe they vanished because we only got more of the same after Obama’s election or maybe it was because Obama told people what they wanted to hear in order to get elected so after he won, the game was over and America went back to business as usual.

Powerful people have always known that their biggest threat to their way of life is the awakening of the American public to their looting of our country. Each person has a vote and each person has a voice which lets them express themselves in any way they see fit. While the Tea Party was formed to express that voice of the frustrated, like most groups, it has been take over by special interests in order to silence decent. The new Coffee Party, as much as it tells you otherwise, it was borne out of the hearts and mind of the special interests themselves and is completely a fraudulent group.

There is a way to have you voice be heard even with all of the co-opted groups out there. Express yourself with your money and way of life. If you want change, start with yourself and your community. Spend your money on local businesses and get to know the people in your neighborhood. That cheesy “think global act local” quote is true. If you want to change the world the change starts with and not with a new trendy political group in the news. The only person that can use or silence your voice is you.

3/26/10 UPDATE
Check out the speech Sarah Palin made today!!!!

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