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Will Environmentalists Save The World

The world is going to end and we’re all going to die. I know, it’s bad news but rest assured it’s true. It’s all downhill from here and there’s no hope unless drastic action is taken. The ice caps are melting, our cities will flood, hurricanes are getting stronger and even the crime rate will rise since we all know criminals are more productive in warm weather. How do I know all of this is happening? I watch the daily news and as we all know, corporate newscasters are the embodiment of integrity and truth. The fact is that even if you believe the whole mantra about global warming movement; all of the solutions that are presented to combat it will only degrade the quality of life for most Americans and increase the overall pollution throughout the world. The price of saving the world will bring the destruction of the environment, businesses and innovation in exchange for the personal gain of a small group of people and businesses.

In a little bit over a month world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to negotiate a new climate change treaty. The treaty will be a game plan for how the nations of the world will combat the warming of the planet by introducing carbon taxes and penalties based on the emissions that the first world nations produce. As we all know, developed industrialized nations produce most of the worlds carbon dioxide which in theory warms the planet and knowing that; the developed nations owe the world compensation for their wasteful ways. The climate change treaty is full of new taxes, money transfers from productive nations to the third world, and tax schemes which will be levied against successful businesses. Not only will industrialized nations pay taxes on what they produce, developing nations such as China and India will be exempt from the new taxes since it will hinder their development.

Under the new proposed rules, American taxpayers will foot the bill for the advancement of the rest of the world by being taxed for almost every action that produces carbon dioxide. Since every part of life, even breathing, produces carbon dioxide, the cost of all of the goods that are produced in America would increase. The new taxes will make American services and goods less completive in the global economy and only hasten the torrent of jobs to overseas nations who are not subject to the same environmental regulations. Since the developing nations will be exempt from strict environmental regulations that first world nations are bound by they will be free to use older, cheaper and dirtier methods for the products they produce.

Al Gore, one of the most influential voices in the global warming debate, teamed up with the former Goldman Sachs executive, David Blood and created Generation Investment Management which deals with investing related to carbon credits. Luckily for Al, he’s able to buy carbon offsets to justify his massive carbon footprint which he produces promoting his message of conservation from his own company. The mainstream media has virtually ignored the money he will be making from the passing of global warming taxes and treaties as well as the conflict of interest that his business brings to the debate.

While the world focuses on global warming (which has conveniently been changed to climate change, since some of the arguments have been debunked) the environmental community has ignored other and more significant issues. For instance take depleted uranium weapons that are being used in Iraq and Afghanistan leaving large cities radioactive leading to increases of birth defects in newly born babies. Other issues that are being completely ignored are the overfishing of the oceans, chemicals from farming pouring into the oceans and creating massive dead zones, the island of plastic between California and Hawaii which is twice the size of Texas, the pollution of 75% of the lakes and rivers in China; the list goes on and on. Of course none of these issues get much press since it would require some action other than shuffling money around.

The world is indeed in an environmental crisis which is something we all need to recognize as we proceed forward into the future. With the right research and initiatives, many of the problems which plague humanity can be solved within our lifetimes. For instance, our space program could be key in solving the world’s energy needs by developing technologies to mine the moon and refine helium 3. With advancements in technology clean, cheap energy could be move from the realm science fiction movies to science fact.

People are starting to wake up to the snake oil sales men who are claiming that they’ll save the world for the charlatans that they are and forcing them to change their rhetoric. Once the politicians and corporate interests that run our government have been exposed, real environmental change can be achieved. As more time passes, rays of hope can be seen forcing themselves through the clouds of political corruption that encompass our society. People are sick and tired of our overbearing government, as polls have shown, and are ready to step away from the era of oppressive leadership so they can embrace the real enlightenment that freedom can bring.

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