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Victim Disarmament in Action

Fifteen people have been killed and thirty five wounded in two separate shootings just a day apart from each other this week. While the media latches onto stories about the shooters and the victims trying to find a motive in each of the cases one common factor comes to light: all of the victims were unarmed. In all of the mass shootings that have taken place in the past few years, gun control has been the determining factor as to why so many people were killed. Virtually every school, small business and office building have rules in place to stop people from bringing guns to work but the one thing they don’t account for is that criminals don’t follow the rules. Gun control has taken away responsible people’s ability to defend themselves and that has directly lead to the high lethality seen in these mass shootings.

In almost every school or workplace there’s a clause in the contract you sign saying that you can’t possess a firearm on the property making that area a “gun free zone.” Gun free zones are something based on the honor system combined with the intimidation that if you are caught with a firearm, you’re fired or expelled from the school. There are many flaws with this system, the most prevalent being that there usually isn’t the security in place to enforce those rules. The lack of security combined with the hordes of disarmed people makes schools and offices a perfect place for any disgruntled person to walk in and kill as many people as they can.

The media is always quick to demonize guns as the cause of violence and call for new laws to be passed to restrict law abiding citizens right to own firearms after almost every shooting. After the Virginia Tech shooting where a single gunman killed 32 people, in a gun free zone, politicians and the media demanded action. Gun grabbers like the Carolyn McCarthy and the NRA, who has a long history of supporting gun control, teamed up to pass bill requiring background checks into a potential gun buyer’s mental history. On the surface it all sounded logical but upon further inspection it had the effect of banning anyone from owning a firearm based on a diagnosis of almost any mental illness including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or ADHD which is the something that any child can be diagnosed with.

You would think that with all of these laws and rules in place that businesses and the state would be obligated to protect you but you’d be wrong. The Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that the police don’t have the duty to protect people. Any good police officer will tell you that when something happens, their job is more of cleaning up the mess instead of preventing crime from happening. The average response time by law enforcement to an emergency call is 8 minutes; which is an extremely long time when seconds count. To prove the point even further, you can take a look at the newscasts from the Columbine and Virginia Tech shootings where the police stand outside for hours until the gunmen eventually kill themselves. Still trust the police to protect you?

In England the right to self defense doesn’t exist; a person can not own a gun and will also be arrested for any form of self defense. England also has another startling statistic; it has one of the highest crime rates in any of the developed nations according to a United Nations study. The UK telegraph went so far as to say the UK was the crime capitol of Europe which comes as no surprise since the laws against self defense protect criminals. There are many cases where a home owner is arrested for attacking a burglar or rapist in their home and thrown in jail because they decided to protect themselves and their property. England, as we all know, is where we get a lot of our laws from so it’s not of a far leap to analyze the laws there to predict what will happen in the United States.

Can the solution to most crime be letting people arm and protect themselves? In a single word: yes. Criminals generally aren’t brave and will target the most vulnerable people who can’t defend themselves. Death is a strong deterrent for a criminal and a solution to those disturbed people who don’t fear it. A gunman opened fire at the New Life Church in 2007 but something was different; armed security was there and quickly killed the gunman. The gunman still killed one person and wounded four others but that is a big difference from the 32 people at Virginia Tech. In the wrong hands, which is what the news likes to focus on, guns can be extremely dangerous but all it takes is a gun in the right hands to prevent the carnage that we see on the daily news. The question you need to ask yourself is: am I responsible enough to protect myself and do I want to live in a world where it’s still an option to do so?

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