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You Are The Terrorist

Even before the attacks on the World Trade Center the federal government was worried about something: the American people. Throughout history dictators and corrupt governments have known that the biggest threat to their power came from the people they ruled over. In order to solidify their rule, they have used propaganda, fear and even brute force to keep the public in line. The tactics of population control are used just as much and are easy to see in modern day America to anyone who observes and asks questions about the world around them; even if one doesn’t observe their surroundings there’s still a lingering feeling in the pit of most people’s stomach telling us that something is wrong. The government and corporations that run the country have good reasons to be afraid; the sleeping giant that is America is slowly waking up as more people realize that they’re being sold out and wake up to the fact that the police state which has been created to fight terrorism; is in reality, meant for American citizens.

In July 2001 FEMA held a training meeting for Missouri fire fighters and police officers where the trainer explained that the founding fathers terrorists (transcript below). The trainer linked the founding of the United States to terrorists stating that the founding fathers targeted British officials for assassination in their fight to win their independence from the British crown. What the instructor left out was they history, were the reasons why the thirteen colonies had rebelled and of course that without them, the United States wouldn’t exist.

Instructor: “They are as committed to their cause and their way of like as we are and they see YOU as being wrong. When people are passionate about what they believe in, they become a very difficult entity to beat. Who was the first terrorist organization of the United States?
Class answers: “The Founding Fathers.”
Instructor: “Who you mean Thomas Jefferson? You mean George Washington? Paul Revere? These guys right here. Let me ask you something did they try to scare people? They tried to intimidate the British. Did they use acts of violence? Your founding fathers, my founding fathers were involved in acts of terrorism against British officials because they systematically had British Officials Assassinated. Assassinated! The guys who we call our founding fathers, George Washington, Mr. Honest, who cut down the cherry tree and admitted it is the same guy who signed death orders, if you will, on members of the British government and British crown who they wanted to eliminate because they had political influence in certain pockets of the United States at that time the 13 colonies and they wanted to divide and conquer.”
Tape Cuts
Instructor: ”If they killed 10000 civilians tomorrow with a biological agent, that’s too bad for them.“

The terrorist attacks of September 11th were a godsend to those who wanted to expand the federal government’s power. The Patriot Act was signed into law on October 26th, 2001 but it was anything but patriotic. The Patriot Act gave the federal government broad powers to use “Enhanced Surveillance Procedures” in order to monitor terrorists who could be anyone who committed ANY crime, even minor ones, under the new definition of what a terrorist was which was also included in the bill. The Patriot Act was billed as a way to protect America from Muslim terrorists but in practice it has been used against drug dealers, toy stores and strip clubs who all pose a immediate threat to national security. Out of the 763 warrants granted to law enforcement under the Patriot Act in 2008 there were only 3 cases where it was used for terrorism. Of course when keeping fighting terrorism in mind, it’s important to remember the FBI’s Terrorist Watch List which has over 1.1 million Americans on it(70000 people admitted in 2008 with reports of 40000 people more added this year). With so many “terrorists” on American soil, you’d think that there would be more than 3 requests under the Patriot Act.

It’s no secret that governments love terrorists, they’re the perfect enemy and as long as the threat is there; expanding control is simple. For instance, say something blows up, the government can say they weren’t funded and that’s why the attack took place. On the other hand we can also look at how there hasn’t been an attack on our soil for 8 years which, as government will tell you, is because they’re doing such a good job and therefore need more money and powers to keep doing that job. Terrorism is one of the only businesses where officials can be rewarded for not doing their job just as much as they can be for doing it. With the definition of terrorism being so lax, it’s almost a guarantee that the funding to combat it will increase.

On February 20th 2009, Missouri released the MIAC report to law enforcement which defined large groups of people as domestic terrorists. The list included political opponents of current government policies, gun owners, tax resistors, anti-immigration groups, people against the North American Union, people against the private Federal Reserve, against a draft, people who don’t trust the police, people voted for Ron Paul or the Libertarian Party; even watching certain movies can make you a criminal. Basically, if you disagree with the direction the country is going, you’re a terrorist.

The government and corporations are so intimidated by the American people waking up to their scam that they have begun to take control of people’s anger by placing people in the media who claim to have the same ideals as the public do. Where there used to be only characters like Rush Limbaugh and Keith Olbermann to pacify people, there are now many more shows changing their mantra to reflect the growing anger on both the right and left side without actually addressing the issues. One of the most striking changes has been with Fox News host Glenn Beck who once called supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul domestic terrorists but now has embraced him and his ideals which he condemned just a mere few months before.

President Obama also used the anger felt across America during his presidential election making promises to change the way government worked. Obama made promises that most people could agree that they wanted. Who doesn’t want government transparency, getting the lobbyists out of the White House, to stop domestic wiretapping, stopping the torture of terrorists(especially considering almost anyone can be considered one), and of course ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as soon as he got in office? Since Obama was elected in January his ratings have plummeted because almost all of the major promises he made where indeed lies much to the disappointment of the people who wanted change. Obama instead has taken up the same policies as the Bush administration and worked to expand them. The change he said he would bring didn’t exist the only change was the figurehead in charge of the government.

Thomas Jefferson was right when he said: “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” The government is afraid and rightly so. Congress’ approval ratings are at an old time low and people are voicing their discontent with their votes in every election. No matter which party is in power, the public votes them out of office. Even though both sides work for the same interests, it’s only a matter of time before people recognize the fact that both the Republican and Democrat parties serve the same master. If they aren’t afraid of being kicked out of office now, they will be soon and once that fear is in place we will have a government for and by the people.

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