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Time to Pull the Trigger

On Wednesday, the Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions. For the last few years politicians in congress have attempted to reign in Iran’s nuclear program using everything from political pressure and sanctions, to the threat of an all out war with the state if it refused to stop refining nuclear material. One of the main arguments against Iran building nuclear power plants, which can produce enriched uranium, is the threat that a nuclear armed Iran would be towards our most important ally in the Middle East, Israel. Another argument is that Iran is a main sponsor of terrorist activity throughout the Middle East and has actively been supporting anti Coalition forces in our war on terror and in turn will give these weapons to terrorists.

Media pundits have long been supporting a third front in our War on Terror for years now and as time goes by it looks as if that’s more than just talk. Senator John McCain speech in front of the committee, where he spoke about sanctions, is a perfect example of the hard line that has been popular in United States. McCain stated:

“The list goes on and on of the threats we have—that we have made to the Iranians, and so far, no action. George Shultz, my favorite Secretary of State in all the world, once said his Marine drill instructor told him never point a gun at somebody unless you’re ready to pull the trigger. We keep pointing the gun. We haven’t pulled a single trigger yet. And it’s about time that we did.”

Since the administration, after being labeled as part of the Axis of Evil by George Bush, Iran has been under constant attack by the western media, politicians and covertly through Al Qaeda related terrorist groups funded by the US taxpayer. Like in all wars the first casualty is the truth and In the name of world peace and security, the propaganda mills in United States have been in full swing demonizing Iran with the exact same script that was used on its neighbor Iraq was before our invasion in 2003. In many ways the war with Iran started years ago with the media desperately trying to win over and prime the public into accepting a militant stance against the independent state who doesn’t share our view about how their country should develop.

Nuclear Hypocrisy

On April 9th Israel, the ally we’re protecting from nuclear annihilation, backed out of a U.S. nuclear summit which they feared would bring up damaging information about their own nuclear program. In one of the world’s worst kept secrets, Israel is thought to have produced the plutonium for 75 to 200 nuclear warheads. Since Israel did not sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1970 it has escaped the same inspections that it has demanded of Iran. Any agreement in the nuclear summit, even a non-binding one, would fly in the face of Israel’s defense policy where Israel is permitted to develop any type of weapon system it pleases.

If Israel has the ability to turn Iran into that much talked about glass parking lot, why does the United States need to protect and lead a war to defend them? Surely, if Iran did decide to attack Israel or support a terrorist group with the intent of a nuclear attack, Iran would quite literally be wiped of the map. There is no motivation for Iran to use offensively use a nuclear weapon against its already nuclear neighbors since that would result in the complete obliteration of Iran.

Secret Funding of Terrorism

One of the main talking points of the mainstream media is that the Iranian government is supplying insurgents in Iraq with weapons which are used against our troops but there has been a lack of evidence to support that assertion. In February 2007 Fox News reported that General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, who stated that there was no evidence of Iran directly arming insurgents in Iraq. While there has been a startling lack of evidence of Iran’s involvement in terrorism in Iraq, our friends in the British SAS have been caught attacking police and planting bombs in Basra. The arrests of the SAS soldiers resulted in a dramatic rescue which played out on televisions throughout the world. Government officials used the excuse that the soldiers were in deep cover in order to justify military attacks on our own allies.

Since diplomacy has proven ineffectual the United States has been busy propping up militant groups in Iran, some of whom carry out terrorist attacks. The London Telegraph reported, on February 25th 2007, in an article called “US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran” that the CIA is “secretly funding militant ethnic separatist groups in Iran in an attempt to pile pressure on the Islamic regime to give up its nuclear program.” In the article, former US state department counter terrorism agent, Fred Burton stated: “The latest attacks inside Iran fall in line with US efforts to supply and train Iran’s ethnic minorities to destabilize the Iranian regime.”

A few months later, on May 27 2007, the Telegraph released another story delving deeper into the United States policy of funding terrorist groups in Iran. The article titled “Bush sanctions ‘black ops’ against Iran” exposes the CIA providing an Al Qaeda related group, Jundullah, weapons and funding. The idea that we would support groups who are affiliated, no matter how loosely, with the September 11th attacks to destabilize other nations is sickening to say the least. The argument, that the United States needs to support terror in order to stop terror reeks of Orwellian double speak.

What Happens if the Trigger is Pulled?

In the propaganda war Iran has threatened, if they are attacked, that they’ll close the Straights of Hormuz which would effectively stop 40% of sea bourn trade. If the straight was closed oil prices could double until the shipping lanes are reopened and the safety of the shipments could be guaranteed (this may explain why the U.S. warships have been staging war games there). There are also many unknown consequences like how will the entire region react to the attack or how the American public will react to a fighting on third front, while the first two conflicts still aren’t stable? These are all aspects that need to be considered and debated before committing to any action.

Of course all the press about Iran may have some benefit; namely, it distracts people from the complete looting of the United States and the obliteration of civil rights by the same government sworn to serve the people. Take the “Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010,” which Senator McCain introduced which would enable the government to hold citizens without trial for as long as they’d like based on suspicious activities. Maybe McCain should write a bill to strengthen our boarder security which has been routinely crossed by the Mexican military but that might raise some red flags about a war next door which has claimed over 22000 lives since 2006. It becomes clear that McCain and the media would much rather point the gun at Uncle Sam and pull the trigger rather than to step up for the beliefs that made America a great nation.

Should the United States role be with other countries internal policies? Should we actively work to topple governments whom we don’t agree with? The government and media will tell you that we should. They’ll tell you that we need to spend our treasure, resources and lives on forcing others to live up to a standard that we can no longer achieve here at home. We need to bring democracy to the poor and oppressed of the world when our republic can’t afford to take care of itself. Luckily, the public has such a strong distrust towards the government that, unless something like a major terrorist attack happens, they won’t readily go along with plans for another war and years of nation building. It’s time to reexamine our foreign policies and it’s time for a change. Instead of policing the world, the United States must change its course to taking care of the problems we have at home instead of forcing our will upon other nations.

The Mark of the Beast

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” Revelation 13 (King James Version)

The fight over a National Identification Card isn’t anything new. In 2005 the passage of the Real ID Act, which standardized state drivers licenses and identification cards to new federal regulations, was fought tooth and nail by privacy advocates and even by the states themselves. The opposition to the then proposed National Id Card grew resulting in some states refusal to comply with the new federal standards which in their eyes violated a person’s privacy, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Once again, new National Id Card legislation is rearing its ugly head in the name of immigration reform and it’s more invasive than ever before.

Details of the newest plan, that makes every person in America completely dependent on the good will of the government surfaced in the Wall Street Journal on March 8th. The article is already creating a firestorm of outrage in independent media circles and conservative talk radio and will become more controversial as the debate continues. The bipartisan push by Senators Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) and Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) stipulates that in order to work people must have a government issued identification card complete with biometric information, like fingerprints or a scan of veins on the top of a workers hand. Every person in the country will have their own card saying that the federal government approves of that person’s right to make a living.

The plan is being marketed to both pro-amnesty groups and the suffering working class who are worried about competing with the influx of illegal immigrants who offer cheap labor which in turn suppresses wages in fields like construction. On one side legal workers should welcome the card because it will verify who is eligible to work and on the other the card will provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who work with the system. Everybody wins, the everyday workers, immigrants who want to become legal citizens and especially the government which will solve one of the most politically divisive issues in recent years.

What the Card Is Really For

The greatest chess players in the world, as we all know, don’t think of what they do in terms of the present. Professional chess players see the larger picture using their present moves as a means to achieve a future goal. Governments operate much in the same way. When an unjust law is passed, like the Patriot Act, it isn’t used to its full potential right away. Instead, the laws are gradually tested on a small scale so that people slowly become accustomed and accept them no matter how unjust they are. The concept of a National Identification Card starts off exactly the same; addressing a problem but not showing the true motive until the time is right. If something on its face looks ominous, what’s not being said is often much worse.

The future possibilities for a card that gives people the ability to live an everyday life are endless. While the card starts off by giving people the luxury to work, it will inevitably be used for more than employment. On the off chance that someone can get a job without the approval of the shady overlords in government, new uses for the card will be put in place so there is no escape. Picture having to swipe a card every time you shop for food or clothes, having your friendly neighborhood police officer scanning it making sure you have the privilege of moving from place to place or having to biometrically log onto the internet like bill gates has proposed. From cradle to grave, every part of a person’s life can be monitored and tracked.

The Real Beast System

While a National Identification Card is one of the most high profile fronts in the battle over privacy and government control, a larger more covert system is already in place. Massive databases have already been created saving every persons in the modern world financial, medical, employment, purchases and locations. Cell phones have already been used to track traffic conditions, fast track keeps track of every time a person goes through a toll booth, as credit cards begin to replace cash a record of purchases is stored by credit card companies and don’t even think about how much information people willingly reveal about themselves on social networking websites like Facebook. As all of the technologies spread and improve it becomes increasingly difficult to live anonymously in ones daily life.

To capitalize and network all of the information that has been collected on people and stored in various databases DARPA created the Total Information Awareness program in January 2002. The head of the program was the trustworthy Admiral John Poindexter, who in 1990 was convicted of multiple felonies for his involvement in the Iran Contra Affair (the felonies were later overturned due to an immunity clause relating to his testimony). The purpose of Total Information Awareness was to track every aspect of citizen’s lives and make a profile based on their activities to “protect” America from terrorists. To achieve its stated goal; TIA would use credit card information, emails, phone calls, social networking, surveillance cameras and any other source of information it could find creating a massive web were nothing could escape its eyes. As it turned out, the American public wasn’t ready for the Total Information Awareness program and after a massive public outcry, congress was forced to revoke the program’s funding in 2003.

Even though one head of the surveillance hydra had been removed others, like the NSA wiretaps and Echelon, still remain. Microsoft has admitted to letting the NSA help them develop their popular Windows operating system; leaving the question of how much private information is accessible to government eyes. Google has also come forward stating that it has plans to use the microphones on computers and webcams to monitor how people surf the internet and to direct advertising to each specific person related to their surfing. Google has worked with the intelligence agencies to help organize their databases as well. In Greek mythology, a hydra grows two heads for each one that is cut off and modern surveillance programs seem to do the same. Has the head of the Total Information Awareness program regrown under a different more secretive name? We may never know but judging from the support of all the other surveillance programs its spirit is still alive and well.

The combination of a National ID card and the programs which we already have in place paints the picture of a dark and uncertain future. The information gathered in all of the secret databases could very well control the food you buy in the name of protecting your health, your ability to keep and bear arms since you could be labeled a domestic terrorist for your political beliefs or select what kind of work you do. The one thing that is certain, if all the puzzle pieces come together, freedom of choice will be a thing of the past.

This leaves us all with the question: How do we stop the government from infringing and controlling our lives? While it is true that without the systems and databases we are all a part of modern life wouldn’t be possible, we can however step in to curtail the abuses of them. One of the easiest ways is to get involved and write a letter to your congressmen and senators telling them that you won’t stand for a National ID Card or massive government databases. Another is to support organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation who expose the misuse of public information and technology by government. Hold government officials accountable when they promise transparency and don’t deliver. Remember, never to let a slick politician trick you into signing over your way of life into their hands when they promise a quick fix to society’s ailments. The end isn’t near and there’s no reason not to fight the evils of big government.

Astroturf Wars

“I don’t use a teleprompter. I just use notes written on my hand.” I like to picture the new darling of the co-opted Tea Party movement Sarah Palin saying. It isn’t a big secret that Republicans and Neo-Conservatives have been trying to take over the Tea Party movement for quite some time and to channel the distrust of our current government into getting them elected. While the Tea Party movement was created without leaders, that hasn’t stopped people like Palin from clamming they identical values. What was once a grassroots movement has quickly become the famous Astroturf that Nancy Pelosi has grown to know and love.

In order to combat the racist, gun toting, anti-government Tea Party a former Obama campaigner has created a Coffee Party. The Coffee Party movement states that government is a reflection of the people it represents and therefore isn’t in itself evil. It all sounds logical; after all if people don’t cooperate no progress can be made. The Coffee Party claims that it will hold people accountable who obstruct their idea of positive change(I wonder what they think of Obama reauthorizing parts of the Patriot Act). The whole Coffee Party mantra is similar to a video I once saw where a preacher explains that we must follow the government since it is the government god gave us( the Romans 13 speech).

One can’t help wonder if any legit group stands a chance in the modern political world. All of the rage and passion that grass root organizations have are quickly bottled once they reach a certain popularity by new leaders who pervert the message into a dumbed down, fit for the extremist ideology that permeates our political spectrum. These groups all start with regular people organizing so they have the feel of legitimacy but as they grow, the beliefs that they were founded upon fall to the wayside as so called leaders begin to appear.

The truth is that there is no real mainstream group that actually represents the wishes of the people they claim to represent. The Tea and Coffee party refuse stand up to those big corporate interests which have become hopelessly entangled in the political system. For example, the so called leaders of the Tea Party shamelessly supported the pro-Nafta highway, force vaccination supporting globalist Rick Perry in his reelection for Governor of Texas. If our patriot leaders rush to openly support a trader to their own cause what’s to stop them from misleading us on other issues? Keep in mind that the Coffee Party was created as a direct resistance to the Tea Party by one of President Obama’s campaigners so the thought that this group is anything other than politically controlled is laughable.

Now days it seems as if political groups are only in the spotlight for a mere second until they outlive their political usefulness then disappear into the static of our daily lives. Remember during the last election how involved the grass root organizations were with the election? That enthusiasm for politics and change has sadly disappeared after the election of President Obama. Maybe they vanished because we only got more of the same after Obama’s election or maybe it was because Obama told people what they wanted to hear in order to get elected so after he won, the game was over and America went back to business as usual.

Powerful people have always known that their biggest threat to their way of life is the awakening of the American public to their looting of our country. Each person has a vote and each person has a voice which lets them express themselves in any way they see fit. While the Tea Party was formed to express that voice of the frustrated, like most groups, it has been take over by special interests in order to silence decent. The new Coffee Party, as much as it tells you otherwise, it was borne out of the hearts and mind of the special interests themselves and is completely a fraudulent group.

There is a way to have you voice be heard even with all of the co-opted groups out there. Express yourself with your money and way of life. If you want change, start with yourself and your community. Spend your money on local businesses and get to know the people in your neighborhood. That cheesy “think global act local” quote is true. If you want to change the world the change starts with and not with a new trendy political group in the news. The only person that can use or silence your voice is you.

3/26/10 UPDATE
Check out the speech Sarah Palin made today!!!!

Masters Of Reality

The average person thinks of reality as something that is absolutely true based on fact and evidence but the inspection of what is real in our modern life is often neglected. For people the concept of reality is determined by a combination of personal experiences, varying from person to person, and what they’ve been told instead of taking an introspective look at the world around them. The idea in sociology that states there are many different realities based on each person’s knowledge and experience is called “multiple realities.” Generally speaking our perception of what is real isn’t based on those absolute a scientific truth which governs the laws of nature but to our interpretation of the world around us. At best the majority of our perception of what’s real is based second hand and knowing this; the battle over what the perception of what reality is becomes clear. The stability of our society as we know it requires propaganda and manipulation so the public accepts their current reality without questions.

Media’s Role in Reality

Right now, you are quietly being told what to think by me without even knowing it and might possibly be pondering the ideas that I’m presenting to as you read this little article (which is how the media works). The media plays a large role in our perceptions even if it claims to be fair and balanced, truthful or made for the purpose of entertainment. All of the things people see, whether they like it or not, influence how they see the world around them.

Just by turning on one of the many news channels and flipping between them it’s easy to see the fight over perception. Most news channels cover the exact same stories and have the exact same talking points but push a different concept of reality. The difference between the channels is the way the propaganda is sold using positive and negative connotation, emphasis on certain points and, one can’t forget, the opinions that are pushed instead of fact to the viewer. The mainstream media counts on the public’s willingness to believe what they’re told on a daily basis knowing that the majority of people won’t bother to think or research what they’re being told.

Perhaps one of the more covert methods of influencing opinion is through entertainment television. The simplest example of this are T.V. shows like cops or CSI where criminals are denied the right to due process, tortured for information, stating that free speech and guns are illegal. The repetition of ideas like this slowly makes viewers identify and accept how the fictional world operates as people slowly associate it with their perception of reality. Since the stories are mostly fiction most people suspend their disbelief and don’t question the subtle messages behind the shows.

Government Manipulation

Governments have always known that to win a war, they must win the hearts and minds of the people that their forces are occupying or face the possibility of losing control of that state. Psychological warfare is an integral part of the United States domestic and foreign policies effectively keeping reality in a manageable state. For instance, on order to keep the public’s heart in mind under control, the Bush administration created false newscasts designed to push propaganda on the nightly news. After all was said and done, over 20 agencies of the government had created hundreds of false ads and passed them off as fact without being held accountable for the statements in the ads.

Picking up on Dutch news stories, Counterpunch published an article on 3/26/2000 revealing that the United States had infiltrated the news giant CNN with members of the army’s Psyops division. According to the army’s recruitment website the official purpose of a Psychological Operations Specialist “is to alter the behavior of foreign populations in a manner consistent with United States diplomatic, national security and foreign policy objectives. A Psychological Operations Specialist is an information and media specialist who can assess the information needs of a target population and develop and deliver the right message at the right time and place to create the intended result.” What exactly were the Psyops units doing as they worked with CNN and was the integrity of the media compromised? Keep in mind that this was before the Bush was in office. The policy of using the military for the production of news hasn’t changed as officers are still used today as analysts for mainstream news shows.

On July 25th 2008, former White House Press Secretary Scott McCellan admitted that the Bush administration directly gave talking points to news anchors at Fox News. The startling admission is used as an example by rival news networks but it would be a fallacy to believe that Fox is the only news station which is used as political mouth piece. Since McCellan came out with the widely known secret about Fox NBC has come under the same criticisms for its close relationship with the Obama administration.

Sunstein’s Conspiracy Document

Cass Sunstein current Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs wrote a research paper about the nature of conspiracy theories a year before he was in office. The research paper goes into great depth about those people who don’t believe the official government accounts regarding how the world works stating that those people suffer from a “crippled epistemology.” Basically Sunstein means that a lack of understanding makes people believe in so-called conspiracy theories even if their knowledge is based on government admissions. The document combines proven theories with false ones in order to minimize the effect the truth will have on the reader.

Sunstein explains that some theories are true but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t believe government official accounts:

“Of course some conspiracy theories, under our definition, have turned out to be true. The Watergate hotel room used by Democratic National Committee was, in fact, bugged by Republican officials, operating at the behest of the White House. In the 1950s, the Central Intelligence Agency did, in fact, administer LSD and related drugs under Project MKULTRA, in an effort to investigate the possibility of “mind control.” Operation Northwoods, a rumored plan by the Department of Defense to simulate acts of terrorism and to blame them on Cuba, really was proposed by high-level officials (though the plan never went into effect).13 In 1947, space aliens did, in fact, land in Roswell, New Mexico, and the government covered it all up. (Well, maybe not.) Our focus throughout is on false conspiracy theories, not true ones.” Conspiracy Theories pg 4

Notice how he compares admitted facts to believing in Space Aliens.

The first half of the document uses basic psychology to explain that conspiracy theories are due to ignorance but he neglects to go into depth about the legit reasons of why such theories are so popular now days; namely the government being caught covering facts up. Instead of citing all of the government admitted plans throughout the years and legit arguments these theorists have he once again attributes them to the idea that most people are retardly ignorant to the facts(which is true in some cases). Sunstein could indeed call a video of himself explaining that the second amendment doesn’t apply to citizens a conspiracy theory, though there’s video of his speech explaining it, since reality is dependent on what the government wants to admit at any certain time.

The second half of the paper is by far the most interesting as Sunstein explains his solutions and how to fight the people who question the official government stances on issues. In order to combat the ideas that may compromise the government’s agenda, sunstein argues that the United States government needs to do the following:

1. “Government might itself engage in counterspeech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories”
2. “Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counterspeech.”
3. Infiltration of groups and discredit them from within.

What this means is that in order to stop people from spreading anti-government ideas the government itself must take drastic steps to discredit those ideas. The government needs to infiltrate groups, we all remember that anti war group who made cookies in that Michael Moore movie, and make them focus on issues that discredit the groups. The government needs to hire people, like newscasters, magazines, Hollywood writers and of course writers like myself to engage in counterspeech. It all sounds like a brilliant plan to stifle thought and debate.

The idea that our thoughts and beliefs aren’t really our own and are subject to covert propaganda is a frightening one. The real question in all of this is: Who’s reality do you live in? If you go through life believing what you see on your nightly news or read in your papers is your perception really yours? In order to really think for yourself you have to be able to observe, question and think instead of passively accept what you’re told. Don’t take my word for it, think about it for yourself.

Power of Corruption

We’ve all seen it happen: a mild mannered man gets a promotion and suddenly things change. The once normal employee becomes drunk with power, even if the promotion is a small one. It doesn’t take long before he feels entitled to the control he has and begins to abuse his power for his own personal gain which further inflates his bloated ego. It would be one thing if this story wasn’t so common but chances are that every one of us has known someone who subscribes to the whole “do as I say and not as I do” mentality once they get the slightest bit of authority. The old adage “power corrupts” has been true throughout history and there’s no sign of things changing. What is it that makes people feel that they are superior to others and why do they feel that way?

    The Experiments

The Stanford Prison Experiment was a psychological experiment where college students were recruited to play the role of prisoners and prison guards so researchers could evaluate the effects that a prison environment would have on people. Soon after the experiment began the prison guards quickly became sadistic and actively tried to hide the abuse of the prisoners from the researchers monitoring the experiment. The prisoners on the other hand, started to mentally break down in a short time and accepted the treatment that they had received. It didn’t take long before the researchers became worried about the physical and mental safety of the subjects. The experiment was originally scheduled to last for 2 weeks but was abruptly stopped after 6 days when rapid mental degeneration of both the guards and prisoners who were held in the mock jail could not be ignored. While there are ethical complaints about how the experiment was carried out, the findings produced by the study showed the effects of power and stress can have on regular people.

The power of conformity is also a strong factor as to why people act the way they do. When a person is given a role they have preconceived notions of what the duties and characteristics of the role entitle. One of the criticisms of the Stanford Experiment, that the guards and prisoners already had an idea of what they were supposed to do and simply acted out what researchers wanted, proves this point. It doesn’t matter if the person believes that they can be responsible with power, once they are put in a role they quickly conform to what they think the norm of that role is; even if it is against their beliefs.

The majority of people are indeed heard animals, often being compared to sheep, which is what the Asch conformity experiments proved. The Asch experiment was a simple test involving a group of people and some simple pictures of lines. The subjects were shown lines and were told to compare them to everyday objects and other lines. When the subjects were alone they answered all but one of the thirty-five questions correctly on average but the real brilliance of the test was when the subjects had to answer questions in groups. All of the members of the groups were controlled except for one subject. The controlled members of the test intentionally gave incorrect answers to the questions so the researchers could compare how people acted when they’re alone verses in a group. The result was that the subjects were influenced by the members of the groups answers and in turn gave the wrong answer 32% of the time when asked the same question. The need to fit in and group think influenced the answers the subject gave.

    Genetics of Superiority

In the past, to maintain their perceived genetic superiority, royalty and leaders have bread with one another so that their families blood line didn’t delude. Today rulers still adhere to the philosophy that states they are genetically superior to people of a lower economic or social class. One simple way to examine this idea is to examine dog breeding where some dogs are bread for different jobs and have different skills than ones of other breeds. The rulers of the world feel that they are somehow a better breed than the rest of mankind.

Once again, in the last few years, the idea of selective breeding is becoming more of main stream. A quick search of craigslist for egg and sperm donors reveals some interesting ads. Most of the ads require that a person has a full medical history of their family, has graduated college and some are ads are race specific but other ads require certain the donor to have certain features like genius level intelligence or be extremely attractive so that those traits can be passed on to the next generation of people. The fertility business is growing by leaps and bounds with the advent of procedures which promise designer babies in the near future. Within our lifetime, parents may have the choice to choose what sex, characteristics and genetic traits that their children will have.

The idea of selective breeding isn’t anything new and was extremely popular in the United States prior to World War 2. The theory stated that certain groups of people were genetically inferior to others and brought forced sterilization policies of native and poor populations throughout the United States. These ideas quieted down after World War 2 after Hitler gave eugenics a bad name when he attempted to create a master race but sterilization programs still were secretly active until the late 1978.

Books like Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, written in 1931, have predicted a similar picture of what the future of mankind would hold. The New World was one where the human race had been genetically manipulated depending on what their place in society. The most important groups of people were of course genetically superior to the less useful members of society whose development was stunted so they remained content with their duties. Due to the way the citizens were bread, a utopian society was created complete with the use of drugs and genetic manipulation. The BBC, as if inspired by Huxley’s vision, recently released a story which stated that in the future mankind will be split into two species one of which would be a dimwitted underclass.

Scientists today still secretly debate if there are races which are genetically superior to others and envision a world where certain genetic traits can be eliminated. Scientists like James Watson, who discovered DNA, have come under fire for stating that black people are inferior to whites, that homosexual people can be eliminated with genetic technology and through screening science would eliminate inferior traits. Dr. Watson caused a media frenzy with his comments and as a result has retired from his job as chancellor of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory after working there for almost 40 years.

    The Mall Cop Mentality

Perhaps of the most common reason for abuses of power is something I like to call the “Mall Cop Mentality.” This disorder occurs when people who have been shunned, oppressed and abused suddenly gain a small level of authority over other people. As soon as they achieve that authority they automatically think that they are part of the system and are therefore better than their peers. As part of the system they are entitled to special privileges, so they think, because their job is to maintain order. There are countless examples of this ranging from people who get a big promotion at work and become abusive; to police officers who use their taser on people who dare to disagree with them(even if they are children or crippled).

This mentality is magnified in politics. With our current political system that is based strictly on party lines and not performance it’s nearly impossible to be kicked out of office. Career politicians wield tremendous power without having to worry about being held accountable for their actions. With this kind of power, it doesn’t take much imagination to see why most people in power don’t work in the public’s interest. The main reason why politicians do what they do is not because they believe something is right or wrong, it is because they want to keep hold of the power and entitlements that they have; for without those they are just like everyone else.

The people affected by the Mall Cop Mentality, even though they are part of the system, generally don’t realize that the power they have is only temporary and is given to them by others. Think for a second about who funds politicians, it isn’t the people it’s corporations and Wall Street. Police get their power from politicians who are at the mercy of private interests. All of the power and entitlements that they achieve throughout their career can be stripped from them in an instant which is why despite the pubic calls for change, society stays the same.

What would most people do if they had great authority without oversight? Now combine what would happen if that authority is in place over generations. Would people become so corrupt to think that they are an entirely different race than other people? Would these people want to be able to control the path of human evolution itself? Looking at the history of royal families throughout the world and comparing them to psychological experiments, one could definitely see how those beliefs manifest.

Even with genetics factored in, the authority people have gotten is due to power and privilege instead of having superior genes. The bottom line is that people are all generally the same genetically and mentally. It’s the entitlements, authority and the beliefs that people are raised upon that make them feel they are separate them from the lowly homeless man on the streets.

The United States founding was based on resisting powerful interests who wanted to subdue, tax and control the world and those powers have now come back stronger than ever. Just like in the past there’re always those gullible people hungry for power that will be taken advantage since they don’t understand that once they’re no longer useful they’ll endure the same treatment as the people they oppress. Our politicians and public servants are hopelessly corrupt and without the public demanding change they will continue to infect the country and spread their corruption on every level. There is absolutely no reason for anyone not to be held accountable for the way they wield their power and it is the public’s job to keep authority in check.

Will the people of the United States stand up to those who seek to control every aspect of life or will it fall to the power hungry dictators who we overthrew during our founding? Sometimes it depresses me when I ponder this question and look at what America has become. How could we possibly stand up to the web of oppression that bombards every aspect of our life? People still believe the propaganda that the people in power have told us trough our news and TV shows. In times like this we all need a reminder of where we come from and what made America a great nation. I like to read the Declaration of Independence for inspiration, which is quite possibly one of the most beautiful documents in our history, when I have doubt about what the future holds.

“When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. “

The Incompetence of T.S.A

Created in the wake of September 11th, the Transportation Security Administration (T.S.A.) was the governments answer keeping our airports safe from terrorists. The idea was to replace the then privately run airport security system with a new government police force directed by the Department of Homeland Security. The T.S.A.’s role is to ensure the safety of air traffic nationwide and in turn has brought about new security protocols to keep America safe. With progress and safety, as we’re told, one must suffer through change and inconveniences until a new system is perfected. In other words, people should expect and accept the more invasive screening, inane regulations and of course incompetence to stay safe. Due to the overwhelming lack of intelligence behind the new protocols, training and technologies the T.S.A. has failed and has proven itself to be a virtually useless organization that infringes on the customers civil liberties with little, if any, improvements over security.

In 2006, 5 years after T.S.A. was created, internal reports gauging the progress of the airport security agency was leaked to the press. The report showed that 75% of fake bombs were successfully smuggled past the security screeners of LAX, 60% through Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and 20% through the security at San Francisco International Airport. Of course not all of the tests were bad, from August 2003 to May 2004 security screeners were given descriptions of the undercover security personnel who were in charge of testing their security; it’s always easier to pass a test when you know who what and when to look for. Just like any other test, T.S.A can do well if they cheat. Most of the test results aren’t available to the public so we have no way of knowing if all of the enhanced security actually works.

To keep people safe the T.S.A. has used aggressive search policies so that bombs, which can be hidden under clothes and also be made out of liquids, can be found. There have been numerous reports about how the searches have been conducted including profiling, sexual pat downs, making women remove nipple rings, having mothers drink their children’s breast milk, stripping old men who have medical implants and of course people are subject to intimidation by security officials even when they don’t break the law. To make the searches even easier, body scanning machines have been placed in airports which are so sensitive that they can take and save nude pictures of people through their clothes (which didn’t stop the terrorist on the flight from Amsterdam on Christmas).

With power comes responsibility and while T.S.A. has power, their employees their employees have proven over and over again that their power will be will abused. Part of the job is to search checked in luggage for explosives but anything worth money can be “confiscated” to help improve an employee’s financial security. Numerous reports have surfaced where employees who conducted searches have stolen passenger’s valuable items from diamond rings to cash. Over 200 employees have been fired for theft as of February 15th 2008 according to T.S.A but upon research the number varies.

A few weeks ago T.S.A. officials were involved in another scandal when sensitive information regarding security procedures, including those involved with bomb detection, was released on the internet. The release of the information should be blamed on the complete incompetence of the employees and management who run the agency since it was just an oversight which should have been caught. Even though the information wasn’t classified, it still had operating procedures and showed that a person will receive some extra screening if they’re coming from certain countries.

So what is it that the T.S.A. does right? They don’t find bombs, they sexually abuse passengers, they steal from passengers and the management is incompetent. If the goal of the agency is to make people want to fly less they’re doing an excellent job. Personally I think they’re just they’re just there for show. If people think there’s someone keeping them safe, then people will accept being abused by authority figures. Once people accept and support how things are done in the airports, the same systems can be brought into every day places such as schools and businesses. With a little bit of research it becomes clear that terrorism is extremely rare and you’re more likely to die from prescription drugs than the people who T.S.A. defend you from.

The New Plantation

With all of the talk about Tiger Woods, climate change and the health care bill in the last few weeks the media, aside from some alternative news websites forgot to report on Obama’s newest Supreme Court victory. Who would have thought after all those speeches about change, the first black president would fight and succeed in striping away peoples humanity and effectively turn people into objects. Obama has once again showed his contempt for liberty and embraced terrorism, much like his predecessor Bush did, as a means to subjugate American citizens. On December 15th, the Supreme Court supported torture and rejected due process of enemy combatants

When people think about what an enemy combatant is, they usually picture a shady Arab man whose only purpose in life is to strap a bomb to himself and blow up buildings; in other words, a terrorist. These terrorists exist because, as Bush said, “they can’t stand our freedom” and will use whatever means necessary to destroy them. The government’s solution to stop these evil people is to declare terrorists enemy combatants, who don’t belong to a nation, and to strip them of any civil rights that they may have.

What’s this have to do with Americans living in the good ol’ U.S of A? It’s funny you should ask that. As I’ve written before, any American who doesn’t approve of the government is most likely a terrorist. As if knowing what the future held, congress passed a bill in 2006 stating that American Citizens can be enemy combatants. Just like the patriot act and homeland security, this is not intended for those Arab terrorists but for you and your neighbor who don’t approve of having the government control every aspect of their life. This ruling along combined with other policies will be used against you if you don’t stay in line. You don’t need that pesky due process do you?

It is a strange usage of double think to say that in order to spread our freedoms throughout the world that we need to strip freedom away from people. In order to maintain an orderly society there is no room for critical thinking or opposing thought. Those Americans who don’t embrace the freedom of conformity and reject the freedom to be a slave are destined to have those freedoms stripped from them and will be designated as an enemy combatant. It looks like, even with those freedoms that government has given us, since they’re no longer rights, hasn’t left us with much freedom and liberty at all.

We only need to look into the recent past to see what happens when people are considered less than human. A few years ago, Abu Ghraib created a firestorm in the world media with allegations that officials authorized the torture of the prisoners held there. The media pointed to pictures that were released of prisoners being abused but the real scope of the torture never made its way into the news. Prisoners were not only subjected to torture and stress positions they were subjected to beatings until their muscles were liquefied, forced sex with dogs and people, torturing of prisoners children and you can’t forget people being killed as a result of those things.

I like to use my imagination so I can picture all of the glorious possibilities of these kinds of policies hold for the nation. For instance, we could round up all of our inner city gang members and declare them enemy combatants. Once they have that status, we could ship them out to our farms and manufacturing plants where they could work and be productive members of society. We wouldn’t have to stop with gang members of course; we could get those pesky anti war protesters, political dissidents, communists, artists, writers and of course that next door neighbor who burns wood on spare the air days. Just think how productive we would be without our rights.

I’d like to end this on a positive note with a quote from President Obama, the man who is going to change the world. Be sure to read the wording he used in his speech about terrorism where he admits we’re fighting to support those who torture. Our moral compass demands that we spread the freedom to subjugate others.

“Today we are engaged in a deadly global struggle for those who would intimidate, torture, and murder people for exercising the most basic freedoms. If we are to win this struggle and spread those freedoms, we must keep our own moral compass pointed in a true direction.” President Obama

You Are The Terrorist

Even before the attacks on the World Trade Center the federal government was worried about something: the American people. Throughout history dictators and corrupt governments have known that the biggest threat to their power came from the people they ruled over. In order to solidify their rule, they have used propaganda, fear and even brute force to keep the public in line. The tactics of population control are used just as much and are easy to see in modern day America to anyone who observes and asks questions about the world around them; even if one doesn’t observe their surroundings there’s still a lingering feeling in the pit of most people’s stomach telling us that something is wrong. The government and corporations that run the country have good reasons to be afraid; the sleeping giant that is America is slowly waking up as more people realize that they’re being sold out and wake up to the fact that the police state which has been created to fight terrorism; is in reality, meant for American citizens.

In July 2001 FEMA held a training meeting for Missouri fire fighters and police officers where the trainer explained that the founding fathers terrorists (transcript below). The trainer linked the founding of the United States to terrorists stating that the founding fathers targeted British officials for assassination in their fight to win their independence from the British crown. What the instructor left out was they history, were the reasons why the thirteen colonies had rebelled and of course that without them, the United States wouldn’t exist.

Instructor: “They are as committed to their cause and their way of like as we are and they see YOU as being wrong. When people are passionate about what they believe in, they become a very difficult entity to beat. Who was the first terrorist organization of the United States?
Class answers: “The Founding Fathers.”
Instructor: “Who you mean Thomas Jefferson? You mean George Washington? Paul Revere? These guys right here. Let me ask you something did they try to scare people? They tried to intimidate the British. Did they use acts of violence? Your founding fathers, my founding fathers were involved in acts of terrorism against British officials because they systematically had British Officials Assassinated. Assassinated! The guys who we call our founding fathers, George Washington, Mr. Honest, who cut down the cherry tree and admitted it is the same guy who signed death orders, if you will, on members of the British government and British crown who they wanted to eliminate because they had political influence in certain pockets of the United States at that time the 13 colonies and they wanted to divide and conquer.”
Tape Cuts
Instructor: ”If they killed 10000 civilians tomorrow with a biological agent, that’s too bad for them.“

The terrorist attacks of September 11th were a godsend to those who wanted to expand the federal government’s power. The Patriot Act was signed into law on October 26th, 2001 but it was anything but patriotic. The Patriot Act gave the federal government broad powers to use “Enhanced Surveillance Procedures” in order to monitor terrorists who could be anyone who committed ANY crime, even minor ones, under the new definition of what a terrorist was which was also included in the bill. The Patriot Act was billed as a way to protect America from Muslim terrorists but in practice it has been used against drug dealers, toy stores and strip clubs who all pose a immediate threat to national security. Out of the 763 warrants granted to law enforcement under the Patriot Act in 2008 there were only 3 cases where it was used for terrorism. Of course when keeping fighting terrorism in mind, it’s important to remember the FBI’s Terrorist Watch List which has over 1.1 million Americans on it(70000 people admitted in 2008 with reports of 40000 people more added this year). With so many “terrorists” on American soil, you’d think that there would be more than 3 requests under the Patriot Act.

It’s no secret that governments love terrorists, they’re the perfect enemy and as long as the threat is there; expanding control is simple. For instance, say something blows up, the government can say they weren’t funded and that’s why the attack took place. On the other hand we can also look at how there hasn’t been an attack on our soil for 8 years which, as government will tell you, is because they’re doing such a good job and therefore need more money and powers to keep doing that job. Terrorism is one of the only businesses where officials can be rewarded for not doing their job just as much as they can be for doing it. With the definition of terrorism being so lax, it’s almost a guarantee that the funding to combat it will increase.

On February 20th 2009, Missouri released the MIAC report to law enforcement which defined large groups of people as domestic terrorists. The list included political opponents of current government policies, gun owners, tax resistors, anti-immigration groups, people against the North American Union, people against the private Federal Reserve, against a draft, people who don’t trust the police, people voted for Ron Paul or the Libertarian Party; even watching certain movies can make you a criminal. Basically, if you disagree with the direction the country is going, you’re a terrorist.

The government and corporations are so intimidated by the American people waking up to their scam that they have begun to take control of people’s anger by placing people in the media who claim to have the same ideals as the public do. Where there used to be only characters like Rush Limbaugh and Keith Olbermann to pacify people, there are now many more shows changing their mantra to reflect the growing anger on both the right and left side without actually addressing the issues. One of the most striking changes has been with Fox News host Glenn Beck who once called supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul domestic terrorists but now has embraced him and his ideals which he condemned just a mere few months before.

President Obama also used the anger felt across America during his presidential election making promises to change the way government worked. Obama made promises that most people could agree that they wanted. Who doesn’t want government transparency, getting the lobbyists out of the White House, to stop domestic wiretapping, stopping the torture of terrorists(especially considering almost anyone can be considered one), and of course ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as soon as he got in office? Since Obama was elected in January his ratings have plummeted because almost all of the major promises he made where indeed lies much to the disappointment of the people who wanted change. Obama instead has taken up the same policies as the Bush administration and worked to expand them. The change he said he would bring didn’t exist the only change was the figurehead in charge of the government.

Thomas Jefferson was right when he said: “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” The government is afraid and rightly so. Congress’ approval ratings are at an old time low and people are voicing their discontent with their votes in every election. No matter which party is in power, the public votes them out of office. Even though both sides work for the same interests, it’s only a matter of time before people recognize the fact that both the Republican and Democrat parties serve the same master. If they aren’t afraid of being kicked out of office now, they will be soon and once that fear is in place we will have a government for and by the people.

Victim Disarmament in Action

Fifteen people have been killed and thirty five wounded in two separate shootings just a day apart from each other this week. While the media latches onto stories about the shooters and the victims trying to find a motive in each of the cases one common factor comes to light: all of the victims were unarmed. In all of the mass shootings that have taken place in the past few years, gun control has been the determining factor as to why so many people were killed. Virtually every school, small business and office building have rules in place to stop people from bringing guns to work but the one thing they don’t account for is that criminals don’t follow the rules. Gun control has taken away responsible people’s ability to defend themselves and that has directly lead to the high lethality seen in these mass shootings.

In almost every school or workplace there’s a clause in the contract you sign saying that you can’t possess a firearm on the property making that area a “gun free zone.” Gun free zones are something based on the honor system combined with the intimidation that if you are caught with a firearm, you’re fired or expelled from the school. There are many flaws with this system, the most prevalent being that there usually isn’t the security in place to enforce those rules. The lack of security combined with the hordes of disarmed people makes schools and offices a perfect place for any disgruntled person to walk in and kill as many people as they can.

The media is always quick to demonize guns as the cause of violence and call for new laws to be passed to restrict law abiding citizens right to own firearms after almost every shooting. After the Virginia Tech shooting where a single gunman killed 32 people, in a gun free zone, politicians and the media demanded action. Gun grabbers like the Carolyn McCarthy and the NRA, who has a long history of supporting gun control, teamed up to pass bill requiring background checks into a potential gun buyer’s mental history. On the surface it all sounded logical but upon further inspection it had the effect of banning anyone from owning a firearm based on a diagnosis of almost any mental illness including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or ADHD which is the something that any child can be diagnosed with.

You would think that with all of these laws and rules in place that businesses and the state would be obligated to protect you but you’d be wrong. The Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that the police don’t have the duty to protect people. Any good police officer will tell you that when something happens, their job is more of cleaning up the mess instead of preventing crime from happening. The average response time by law enforcement to an emergency call is 8 minutes; which is an extremely long time when seconds count. To prove the point even further, you can take a look at the newscasts from the Columbine and Virginia Tech shootings where the police stand outside for hours until the gunmen eventually kill themselves. Still trust the police to protect you?

In England the right to self defense doesn’t exist; a person can not own a gun and will also be arrested for any form of self defense. England also has another startling statistic; it has one of the highest crime rates in any of the developed nations according to a United Nations study. The UK telegraph went so far as to say the UK was the crime capitol of Europe which comes as no surprise since the laws against self defense protect criminals. There are many cases where a home owner is arrested for attacking a burglar or rapist in their home and thrown in jail because they decided to protect themselves and their property. England, as we all know, is where we get a lot of our laws from so it’s not of a far leap to analyze the laws there to predict what will happen in the United States.

Can the solution to most crime be letting people arm and protect themselves? In a single word: yes. Criminals generally aren’t brave and will target the most vulnerable people who can’t defend themselves. Death is a strong deterrent for a criminal and a solution to those disturbed people who don’t fear it. A gunman opened fire at the New Life Church in 2007 but something was different; armed security was there and quickly killed the gunman. The gunman still killed one person and wounded four others but that is a big difference from the 32 people at Virginia Tech. In the wrong hands, which is what the news likes to focus on, guns can be extremely dangerous but all it takes is a gun in the right hands to prevent the carnage that we see on the daily news. The question you need to ask yourself is: am I responsible enough to protect myself and do I want to live in a world where it’s still an option to do so?

Insane Rednecks or Prophets

After the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 the mainstream media decided that they would take on the militia movement. The news and government agencies spent countless hours demonizing people who were in militias stating that they were domestic terrorists in an all out propaganda war against the small groups. It didn’t matter that the government’s official story about what exactly happened on April 19th, 1995 was false, even though the original news casts showed evidence that contradicted the official story that there was only 1 truck bomb used in the attack. While I don’t intend to defend the entire militia movement, since there are indeed people and groups who do fit the stereotype of what they are, but what I will like argue is that some of those groups predicted exactly what would be happening in the world today.

When people think about militias in the modern world they like to picture a bunch of fat white men, spewing racist propaganda while they run around in the woods with guns but this viewpoint is extremely flawed. It’s become common knowledge that most of the violent militia groups, animal rights and racist organizations are directly influenced if not run by law enforcement agencies whose job it is destroy legit arguments that these groups may have. In fact the true militias, who aren’t reported on in the news, value education about current political issues, are well spoken and understand that while training to use weapons; violence is a last resort against a tyrannical government.

Considered conspiracy theorists throughout the years, militias predicted years ago that we would be drawn into a one world government, individual rights would be stripped away and the federal government would control every aspect of a person’s life through extensive regulations. Today, as they predicted, the mainstream news is reporting exactly what was once considered a conspiracy theory. The world economy has collapsed by design, the dollar is virtually dead and will no longer be the world currency, behind the scenes a worldwide bank which will control all of the currency in the world is being created; not to mention the massive police state that is slowly building itself up around the country.

The message that the government is out of control is so obvious and widely received by all age groups that earlier this year the government released the “MIAC Strategic Report.” The MIAC Report states that militia members, people who question the federal reserve, people against NAFTA, supporters of political candidates and people who are against global treaties are terrorists. Basically the government is saying that if you dare to question their authority, you’re a criminal.

Were the militias right when they warned America of a one world government and an overbearing police state? Personally I think they were and even if you’re skeptical or don’t agree with my opinion take the time to read your local news or if you’re really lazy, just look up at a busy intersection and see if there are cameras all over your city.

I’m leaving you with a video from 1994 from the Phil Donahue show where he had Militia members on in order to demonize their movement. I’ll leave it to you to judge if they were right.

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